Town Meeting Reps

Last updated on 04/27/2015.

ELECTED OFFICIALSAnnual Spring Town Meeting begins Last Monday in April
Annual Fall Town Meeting begins 3rd Monday in October
Meetings are held Monday & Thursdays until completed unless voted otherwise.

Please contact the Town Clerk Office for the latest information, (978) 250-5205.
P1 Town Meeting Representatives
Nancy K Araway978-250-123585 High St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Matthew J Hanson978-319-5383181 Littleton Rd #2-135 Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Karen I Kowalski978-250-186018 Carter Dr Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Laura C McGuigan978-256-35679 Brush Hill Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Michael N Raisbeck978-250-123585 High St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Joseph D Ready978-884-69729 Turnpike Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Kathryn Brough978-256-8019 781-454-872514 High St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Peggy Dunn978-250-80952 Bridge St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Cynthia J Kaplan978-256-474122 Bartlett St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Elaine M MacDonald978-250-464815 Reid Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Frances T McDougall978-256-035011 Dawn Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Kathleen A Tubridy978-250-0190 978-697-527645 High St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Samuel P Chase978-256-56175 Rivermeadow Dr Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Patricia E Dzuris978-397-6716104 Warren Ave Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Robert P Joyce978-256-8267103 Turnpike Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Sandi Martinez978-256-79431 Carter Dr Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Ann B McGuigan978-376-28045 Anns Way Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Kevin B Ready214-708-56911 Nashoba Dr Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018

P2 Town Meeting Representatives
James Edward E Clancy, IV978-455-367222 Arbor Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
David M Irvine978-251-356921 Tobin Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Edward Irwin978-455-9322509 Wellman Ave. N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Delores E Miller978-251-395317 Cottage Row N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Kenneth J Tassi978-421-777760 Gay Street N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
John W Thompson978-251-714614 Arbor Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Sarah Haven Davis978-455-411815 Cottage Row N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Maria G Karafelis978-251-155426 Quigley Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Laura A Lee978-251-74109 Washington St N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Laura A Merrill978-251-1021/978-251-10217 Dunshire Dr N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
John J Salmon978-251-03463 Marinel Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Crystal Lee Sheeley1 Gay St. N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
David Dubinsky978-761-1533229 Wellman Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
George L Merrill978-251-3606108 Dunstable Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Jeffrey D Merrill978-251-0292161 Middlesex St N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Janet E Murphy978-251-8252348 Wellman Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
M. Janice Spence978-251-8645816 Wellman Ave. N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Jean S Whiting978-251-7508196 Wellman Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Gene Mathews 185/ /
David E. Rand 170/ /

P3 Town Meeting Representatives
H Steven Flynn978-251-848613 Dayton St N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Richard Grove978-455-385827 Windemere Ln N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Elizabeth Logan978-319-974136 Lovett Ln N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Brian J. MacPhee978-251-4979C2 Scotty Hollow Dr N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Jeffrey A Miller978-251-333310 Loiselle Ln N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Elizabeth A Twombly978-256-230619 Windemere Lane Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
John E Abbott978-251-4675384 North Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Richard J Day978-251-33826 Merilda Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
John J Gelinas978-251-1651/ 617-775-9335A20 Scotty Hollow Dr N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Nancy J Knight978-251-310329 Stonehill Rd. N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Ruth E Monahan978-251-4344245 Main St N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
S. George Zaharoolis978-251-4434191 Princeton St N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Pamela L Armstrong978-677-7508C6 Scotty Hollow Dr N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Scott C. Davidson978-257-588619 Aberdeen Rd. N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
George R. Dixon, Jr978-251-461115 Edgelawn Ave N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
David W Hadley978-835-446840 Campers Trail N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Michael F McCall978-251-3157151 Main St N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Donna L. Sargent978-621-3699B34 Scotty Hollow Dr. N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018

P4 Town Meeting Representatives
James H Comeau978-452-745029 Robert Bigelow St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Billy L Martin978-902-97009 Vincent St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Kevin P Martin978-256-255718 Kensington Drive Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Brenda E Plunkett978-256-18211 Woodhead Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
John T Plunkett IV978-256-18211 Woodhead Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Carl H Steiling Jr978-454-283568 Moore St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Christine E Bowman3 Julio St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Linda A Jones978-250-0518/508-254-1371242 Riverneck Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Dennis P Sheehan978-459-365461 Moore St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Kathleen M. Sullivan4 Shedd Ln. Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Daniel J Sullivan, III978-453-3813/978-697-17634 Shedd Ln Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Annita Tanini978-453-54578 Columbus Ave. Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Henry A Houle978-256-93101 Pearson St Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Brian P Latina978-256-072115 Jessie Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Helen A. Manahan978-256-739826 Muriel Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
John J. Markey978-256-239331 Ansie Rd. Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Steven J Miller978-455-160321 Gail St Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Nancy S Sousa978-937-266788 Carlisle St Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018

P5 Town Meeting Representatives
Beverly A Barrett978-250-03963 Delpha Ln Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Susan E Carter978-256-338816 Country Club Dr Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Eliane C Consalvo978-256-3695171 Hunt Road Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Philip M Eliopoulos978-256-2388161 Proctor Rd. Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Edwin Paul Eriksen978-250-3360291 Acton Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Thomas R Fall978-256-3297225 Littleton Rd 10-111 Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
David Foley978-256-68136 Armand Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Maureen M Foley978-256-6813/978-495-17616 Armand Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Carol A Kelly-Suleski978-250-11748 Buttercup Ln Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Marc R Morency617-888-13454 Pond St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Cheryl M Perkins978-250-412310 Warwick Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Glenn R Thoren978-256-148218 Pinewood Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Gary L Krauch978-256-645446 Second Ln P.O. Box 4096 Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Louis G Marino978-831-8300270 Littleton Rd #155 Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
W Allen Thomas Jr978-256-8772374 Littleton Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Evelyn S Thoren508-254-424018 Pinewood Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Karen D Uttecht978-256-42563 Taylor Ln Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Patricia Wojtas978-256-498924 Elm St Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018

P6 Town Meeting Representatives
Joanne M Anderson978-256-37816 Evergreen St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Jeffrey A Hardy978-250-84155 Maple Ave Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
William L Harvey III978-815-224371 North Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Jeremiah P Mead978-256-211020 Dalton Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Andrea C Morgan978-256-85615 Ideal Ave Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Kenneth R Skelley978-256-180314 Stedman st Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Deborah L Dery978-256-345219 Stedman St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Roy W Earley978-250- 4599/978-809-9498184 Chelmsford St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Paul H. Fenders978-256-5910158 Dalton Rd. Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Nancy W Kaelin978-256-443822 Fairbanks Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Neal M Lerer978-244-1114 (wk)978-256-83564 Manahan Street Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Edmond N Roux978-256-31184 Wiggin St Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Janet G Dubner978-256-821646 Dalton Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Mary E Frantz978-256-161234 Miland Ave Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Ameena Marie Langford978-256-26697 Stedman Street Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Linda M Lee978-256-68404 Orchard Ln Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Laurie A Myers978-256-10607 Pine Hill Ave Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Robert F. Myers7 Pine Hill Ave. Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018

P7 Town Meeting Representatives
Judith K Carven978-256-504589 Westford St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Paul J Haverty781-246-25252 Abbott Ln Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
John Christopher Jackson9 Essex Pl Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Geoffrey J. Lucente978-710-388115 Footpath Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Kevin E Porter978-250-747848 Abbott Ln Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Andrew V Silinsh978-256-73712 Blacksmith Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
James M Curley978-256-37993 Galloway Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Katherine H Duffett978-244-254647 Thomas Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Brian Jeannotte250-94073 Hawthorne Lane Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Clare L Jeannotte978-250-94073 Hawthorne Ln Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Gail C Kruglak978-828-164217 Bentley Lane Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Thomas A St Germain, Sr.978-256-737516 Galloway Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Leonard W Doolan, III978-256-360452 Amble Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Stratos G Dukakis978-256-028710 Galloway Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
James M Lane, Jr978-256-9785290 Old Westford Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Donna L Parlee978-256-2859135 Pine Hill Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Henry G Parlee, Jr978-808-1234135 Pine Hill Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Paul J Rigazio256-466425 Clover Hill Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Chicki A. Rigazio 386/ /

P8 Town Meeting Representatives
Christopher T Garrahan978-251-07504 Maynard Cir N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Patricia F Magnell978-251-717222 Jordan St N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Bruce I Mandel978-250-9533255 North Road #62 Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
William A Nolan978-251-4868248 Main St N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
James P Spiller978-251-136696 Meadowbrook Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
William D Wagner978-251-194492 Crooked Spring Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/05/2016
Michael F Curran978-251-803858 Crooked Spring Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Alexander W Gervais978-256-25845 Arbutus Ave. Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Meaghan Marnell978-459-8918/617-504-478511 Sturbridge Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Leonard A Olenchak, Jr978-251-80568 Jordan Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/04/2017
Samuel Poulten978-423-9056/978-265-656816 Berkeley Dr Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Glenn R Thoren, Jr978-618-684940 Crooked Spring Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Daniel W Burke978-256-78407 Arbutus Ave Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Thomas E Moran978-251-417319 Dennison Rd N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Dennis J Ready978-256-867916 Parkhurst Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Robert S Russo, Jr978-455-805299 Crooked Spring Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Angelo J Taranto978-251-82058 Charlemont Ct N Chelmsford 0186304/03/2018
Mary E Tiano978-244-03531 Spruce St Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018

P9 Town Meeting Representatives
Curtis B Barton978-250-185015 State St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Ednah C Copenhaver978-256-13752 Waco Cir Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
William P Griffin978-256-53639 Bishop St Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Jerry Loew978-808-890238 Hall Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Leigh Ann P Sciacca978-256-40691 Green Way Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Charles Wojtas978-758-9239280 Boston Rd Chelmsford 0182404/05/2016
Francis J Barre978-256-3942/978-967-64403 Sandra Dr Chelmsford 0182404/01/2017
Douglas Byron Bruce978-455-141416 Clarissa Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Susan I Dandaraw978-323-9785/978-758-513361 Old Stage Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Danielle B Evans978-455-4754/18 Janet Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
James L Hickey978-250-4761104 Kristin Dr Ext Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Thomas A Newcomb978-821-90509 Clarissa Rd Chelmsford 0182404/04/2017
Jeff C Apostolakes978-256-273217 Queen St Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
C Thomas Christiano978-256-21816 Drew Cir Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Nancy E Donahue978-256-015811 Stage Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Thomas Gilroy978-256-916514 Temi Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Rebecca J Gore978-250-1687106 Kristen Dr Ext Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018
Susan B Graves846-244817 Clarissa Rd Chelmsford 0182404/03/2018